Quality Policy

Özde Yapı is among the most reliable companies in its sector with its "Total Quality" approach in the projects it builds.

The management and quality policy of Özde Yapı has been determined by bringing together its employees, customers, suppliers, affiliates, all business partners and shareholders with the same goal regarding its future, in line with the duties and common values of the partnership, taking into account the law and legislation as well as business ethics.

The basic elements that determine our quality policy are as follows:

  • Aware of the value of a safe life, we ensure the health, safety, present and future of our employees by attaching importance to safety and security in all our services.
  • It supports training and individual development by organizing activities to increase employee loyalty and satisfaction; We keep the team spirit dynamic, empowered by sharing information and responsibility in line with the principle of transparent management.
  • Aware of the value that every job supported by training will add to the service offered to the customer; We produce services with our employees who produce solutions, take ownership of their work, share their knowledge, know and participate in teamwork, and constantly improve themselves.
  • We perceive customer demands correctly in the projects we undertake, direct them correctly and adhere to these requests at the maximum level.
  • We know the importance of completing and delivering the work on time in accordance with the Time Projects work schedule and technical specifications.
  • By following the technology that will provide competitive advantage, we provide all the resources required to achieve the highest level of safety, security and quality and use them at the maximum level.
  • Considering the different cultures of our customers; By accurately perceiving and evaluating both current and future expectations and needs, we ensure that the service is provided on time and we effectively evaluate the customer's satisfaction, suggestions and complaints.
  • We create improvement opportunities by constantly reviewing the system by exhibiting a quality-oriented, systematic and disciplined approach in all our business processes.