Housing Projects

Özde Yapı produces reliable living space projects with high security, aesthetic understanding, following technology and sustainable social facilities.


Özde Yapı offers its investors the privilege of being in the very center of the city.


Özde Yapı enables its investors to experience the technology that is renewed every day by using it in modern living spaces.


Özde Yapı provides its investors with the comfort of luxury built with quality materials.


Özde Yapı always offers its investors opportunities for profit with its projects in locations whose value increases every year.

Life Engineering

Özde Yapı offers its investors a life in original designs with a variety of projects that can meet their needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Özde Yapı also offers after-sales support to its investors for their satisfaction.

Environmental Awareness

Özde Yapı offers its investors original housing projects, each of which respects the environment and nature and cares about green and blue, pioneering the concept of project planning.